Monday, January 2, 2012

Book Review 1

Surviving Your Serengeti is a simple book; which is good. It is an easy read, simple words, and easy concepts. It chronicles a fictitious American couple in the midst of life struggles and transitions; and how their trip to the Serengeti in Africa changed them forever. Their three day journey proves eye-opening as they meet an unexpected old friend who is now 'one with the Serengeti'. This friend, Zachariah, leads this couple through the Serengeti step by step while introducing them to seven amazing animals which all possess different life skills which all can glean from. This book while interesting in concept is a bit contrived, and has no natural flow to it, fiction or not - it took me a long time to get through the whole book. In fact, well over four months for such a little book!

There are some books that just grab you. One paragraph into the volume and you are just hooked. It had been my hope that Surviving your Serengeti would be like that. wasn't. Mr. Swanepoels intent was obvious and his message was strong. The character Zacaraiah explains nature, the wild animals of Africa and their way of life - and how each of us can learn from the animals. Neat idea, but taken a little too far. Although not the most interesting story, nor the most enjoyable, Surviving Your Serengeti is a New York Times bestseller. It’s more of Zacaraiah – or the author – telling you what it is he wants you to know; lots of facts. There’s not much of an adventure – more observation.

Where the author was involved in real estate, many of the “Praise for Surviving Your Serengeti” are from professionals in that industry. I wonder if it made the New York Times bestseller list because of colleagues buying the book.

I was disappointed. I was expecting something better.

Disclaimer: I receive books from Thomas Nelson Publishers (Booksneeze) free of charge in exchange for my unbiased opinion of them. I am not threatened or rewarded in any way in efforts to encourage me to provide a positive review. All opinions are mine.